January 27, 2011

Dollfie Dream - Mr.MVP

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January 25, 2011

Puchi Mirai! - DannyChoo.com

I know it's not new, but I'm a bit lost track of Dannychoo.com news.
Here I'll share you his prettiest Mirai Mascot design ever... the Puchi Mirai!
 100% Moe-power, epic adorableness, prettiest... beyond cuteness!!!!

January 24, 2011

Pet Society: 1920 ... and Surrealism

"Stage show of year 192x... with some mixing of Surrealism...
 or should I become a Surrealist myself?"

"Interesting." :D

the 4th week, 1920 week, another vintage :)

"Going to nag about these with my owner... again bunch of blue price tags TT"

"Of course, my dearest owner comes first! Our relationship never goes worse 
just because of those unnecesary blue price tags. Lol."

 "Together we picked this Rosy ball dress... just love him!"

"No complain, glad our thoughts are linked... 
I just cant spend in unnecessary stuff too :D"  

"So by holding owner's hand, we had a visit at Mayor's mansion... hehe"

"no more blue price tags!" together we YELLED (lightly) beside him...
 sounds better right now :D 

 "Had a dance with my owner, our lovely moment ^^"

 she's seriously adorable while singing... Omg!

no, not for girls... let me do it dear :) 

 "Having some classic cocktails after it."

 "Dressing room... great design!"

"This dress is longer than I thought; shorter in the display picture...?"

"a problem with this week's dress *sad* 
which is why we shopped to buy new clothes for me!

"Together we prepare for our coming valentine dating <3 "

"have a deep *kiss* and end of today... xD"


*Hey Playfish, seriously your Playfish Cash sales going to be 
best money scammer throughout the year???

Just my (or most players') clear thought... :(

- SonicaPLUS

January 23, 2011

Best Japan 'AV' Terran player... Yes!!! (a Korean)

Today's post is pretty simple, simply because I'm now lack of time properly preparing a better post. Instead  delaying my great stories, hereby brings you some entertaining Starcraft II matches. It's really, really bad  I haven't post my Starcraft II commentaries page list yet, so bear with it for the moment, you may visit my previous post for some Youtube channel subscription :)

so, waste no time, together we watch a match featuring a great Japan 'AV' fans... of a Korean!! That's simply amazing cause that name it's not just simply a joke... he is so strong in Terran Marine micro which makes him one of the great Terran player (maybe there's chance to be better than MarineKingPrime?)

oh yeah, his alias was NEXSoraAoi (which is why, one of the top Japan AV promstar Lol)


*notable: a 2v2 match of  TZ v ZZ, Zerg early harass pressure, our great Terran player a Marine hero, hold until allies Zerg economy recover. Surprisingly you can see both in the TZ side micro very hard, which turned the table until the type out.


*notable: another of his 1v1 ZvT, even more impressive watching his solo match, despite how hard he's doing both macro & micro his Marines throughout the match. His super early double expo & multi rax greatly seal the deal of our Zerg player, for which his economy paid off very early despite his super expo.


That's all, hope you enjoy watching some great Marine micro. 

until next time :)

- Zenalucard

January 22, 2011

Dollfie Dream - Stepswalker

Stepswalker's photostream
Yet another creative Dollfie Dreams owner ~






Kinda like Stepswalker(Avan)'s photos,
not much personal info of him... apparently he's a Chinese.
Like most otaku, he owns mountains of gorgeous figures
 & Anime-related stuff too ~

here's his personal blog: http://blog.yam.com/avan

*posts will delay lately, I'm preparing for my summer mid exam next week... researching metabolic boost... for Zerglings' rush race!

well, if you like what I'm always sharing, do keep on it & keep going!

bonjour :)

- Zenalucard

all rights reserved to owners.

January 20, 2011

"Love is in the Air..."

After this week, I'm really looking forward Pet Society's Valentine Week... 'dating' with my pet SonicaPLUS was full of joy xD

 "Date with my owner again... had my casual wear for him!"

 "Red Roadster... Whhoooahh!"

 "Bright moon tonight... it's beautiful :)"

 "Once again visit Rapunzel's palace Fountain."

Fully grown Rapunzel Princess hair... soo beautiful!" 

Having some rest under Pink tree swing.

"before send me back, owner taking some more photos for me :)"

"Owner's love for me... love him very much!"


*THUMBS UP for my amazing love-confessing romance story ~


Don't forget today tomorrow also having a post of Dollfie Dreams' photostream... always stay tuned my readers... getting too busy with my stuff lately T.T, messing around once again, but I will try to have my post up a.s.a.p. will be late but what... I like to share great stuff!

- Zenalucard

January 19, 2011

Nendoroid Petit [B.G.M Festival] Set Vol. 0

Look what we got here... it's new Nendoroid petit set... moreover it's mostly re-makes of extremely limited Nendoroids into petits! animetsu pre-order available now

Stars featuring from certain Dating Sims series.

 Set figures never let me down :)

 Miyamura Miyako from ef -a fairy tale of the two-

Asakura Otome from Da Capo 2

 Uesugi Kenshin from Sengoku Rance

Shiino Kirari from KIRA☆ KIRA

Watarai Asuka from Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa nai

wishlist added once more... :D

2nd day - noticed my pet's Rapunzel growing hair?
btw I'm dating with her again, our romance story continues^^

- Zenalucard

source: animetsu.com

January 18, 2011

A day with my pet...

Had a memorable date with my pet, SonicaPLUS, a tour full of joy awaits :)

Meet my dear pet on time, she looks so pretty for me today >o<"

 Taken at Rapunzel Palace Fountain.

"Blewwwww~" she's soo cute!

Next stop, the re-open Dragonair Tower(I named it xD)

Taken some photos at there ~

Recreate this beautiful Land of Mothers' day.

Last spot, my dear pet's Petlings' garden.

 Meet her petlings! (4 of them, including a Panda)

Beautiful scene... with my adorable pet :D

Well, it's time to send her back to her sweet home :)

Seems she have some new collections ~

had a warm hug with her, and farewell... I must date her more in future ~ !

*Being too shy to raise my romance skill xDD

- Zenalucard

January 17, 2011

Pet Society: Long, Long hair...

"Another new week!"

"I'm so excited to dress myself as Rapunzel, and ready to furnish the warmest
 indoor & outdoor theme I've ever seen ~"

Rapunzel Princess dress & Flower Meadow hat

"I can really feel the warm environment..."

"Changed my new hairstyle & eye lens, love the new wig table very much!"

"Rapunzel week it's best cause I can spend time for flower scenery... 
with my dear owner!"

"Why am I in such pinky tiger costume...
oh, to tease my owner!"

- SonicaPLUS

January 16, 2011

Starcraft II: Great Commentators of All-time!

Sorry for the incredible delay post, as I just revived from fountain of life -.-"

This post certainly important for every single Starcraft II players,
and of course our huge numbers of fans :D
even though you're accidentally come to my blog,
at least read this post of Starcraft II !

So, sum things up, I'm now bringing you some Youtube channel,
featuring Starcraft II broadcasting!!!
I'll post previous 2 commentators again,
just to make things neat and tidy :)

*New page of Starcraft II commentators will be up very soon :)

Click on their name
 to subscribe 
for Starcraft 2 videos!!

- Bumps for massive subscribed channels :D

I (or perhaps, we?) will not talking about who is the best commentator. For me I just need more, more & more Starcraft II replay footage (an active commentator certainly x2 the FUN). Well I won't subscribe randomly, I must say that they are the greatest Starcraft II commentators of all time :)

WORN OUT, going to take a long rest... @@@

Tomorrow's post will still on-going, and it's Pet Society ~

- Zenalucard