July 27, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 - Devil Trigger

Hah, talking about Devil Trigger in DMC 4... somewhat it's really already for "NOTHING" to erase anything in front of you... maybe that's the power.

As everybody refers to the story, during mission 6, Nero fought Agnus, the one from the order. After the fight, Agnus attempt to take Nero down at that moment by the Angelos'. However, the nearly dead Nero suddenly arise the power of Yamato (a broken katana that going to be fixed), the sword responds to Nero's calls, power are binded together!

Devil Avatar, the so-called Nero's devil form, may performs various incredible attacks. With D.A. activated, Nero's normal buster is far more stronger than before. During Devil Trigger, Nero's every attacks responds to the devil, they perform various moves together until trigger gauge depleted. With Devil Avatar activated, it can perform two ultimate skills too, they are the Maximum bet, a massive X-waves is released to push enemies down; The other one, Showdown, another ultimate skills, which performs a samurai-style hack n' slash moves, deals critical damage.

For Dante, his D.T. grants him more strength, defense & speed as he did in DMC 3. With different weapons used during D.T. may usually automatically performs a stronger attack than normal (a Rebellion's stinger may strike through enemies, Ebony & Ivory will performs infinite charge shot, etc.). Dante's D.T. also push his styles go to its maximum (trickster can triple-jump and double skystar, Royalguard's Dreadnought are slightly more powerful than human-transform). His devil form looks cool too than the other 3 DMC games, another smart devil form!

Okay, I think that's all for this time, I'll provide some pictures for this post later for better details. Pleased to look forward for my next post for DMC 4.

"It's destined that my power have reborn to take down our father again... brother."
"Yeah, that power of yours really pissed me out of my world!"

July 26, 2008

Pictures from Games?

Pictures from games? Yes, exactly, somebody deals about it, it's real pictures from games (not screenshots!)

Recently I found a website which provide such print screen pictures called Creative Uncut. However, according to the website, most of the pictures are scanned from a artwork or fan-art collection books.

Pictures from that website are scanned through books, and edited into more quality resolutions.
A great sites for gamers which are fans for some of their favorite games.

Feel free to visit: www.creativeuncut.com

Here's some from it, take a look:


July 21, 2008

Devil May Cry 4... Landed At My Home!

"Hah, it's about the time to rock the demons, pal."
"Whatever, just don't get in my way!"

Devil May Cry 4... I can play it tomorrow! It is a great news for me and a friend of mine, hahahah~

Devil May Cry 4 PC features a new protagonist, a young man named Nero, the one who represents both personality of Dante and Vergil; Besides, there's also another returning character, Dante, sons of Sparda, which is playable only 7 of the 20 missions of this game.

Unlike Dante, Nero does not playing any styles. He wields a broadsword named "Red Queen", a customized sword from the Order. The sword able to do combos as normal, and it features a new system, the exceed gauge, which allows you to grab your sword's handle to charge up the sword with fire, and deals heavy damage. His range weapon, "Blue Rose", featured a double-barrel magnum which fires 2 shots at once. Lastly, his arms, "Devil Bringer", the demon arm which allows Nero to do critical damage, and do some useful tricks which useful in some stages. The arm's attack style is different depending on the size of the demon. Nero will not gain any new weapons throughout the game, but instead gain some new skills for his Devil Bringer.

Dante, in DMC 4, still the same as usual in DMC 3, including the returning weapons, "Rebellion", "Ebony & Ivory", and "Coyote-A Shotgun". In the 7 missions of Dante, he is able to gain 3 weapons by defeating bosses. What makes the difference is, Dante is no longer need to change style through a statue, but instead change directly during missions. No level-ups, but able to upgrade style by buying with "Proud Souls". Same as usual, the four normal styles, trickster, sword master, gunslinger & royal guard. Dark Slayer also available after he gain "Yamato".

Nero will gain is Demon form later in the game, after he found the broken "Yamato", which belongs to Vergil, Dante's twins, sons of Sparda. A demon-like soul merged with Nero at the moment the katana broken, formed into a triggable "Devil Avatar", Which further increases Nero's Devil Bringer's strength, and able to deal huge damages to enemies. Dante also have Devil Trigger, same as DMC 3, further increases his speeds & attack power. In trickster style, his demon form allows him to air-hike twice and Sky Star thrice, making him much more active in some time.

Well, that's too long for this... haha! Will be continue, as soon as I done playing it!

"God created us, be proud of your life!" lol...

July 19, 2008

It's Been Awhile Since My Last Post

It's almost 2 months I didn't update here... many events just successfully done.

I am here to say hi again to this blog!

Nothing else to say actually, my lifetime for now... just need to do two important things... ONE, study harder, my SPM time...! And TWO, play my games well... I recognized just for these 2 years, my gaming skills are getting worse, I don't have the will to play a game till the end or unlock everything inside. I'm changing my mind to try playing some online games. For now, MapleStory, Devil May Cry 4(soon), Lineage 2 Chaotic Throne(on the way), and the one will never leave from players' mind, DotA Allstars... train myself to be a hardcore!

Yeah, about anime in Japan, I do recommended many animes for some of my friends.
Anime of Year 2008 such as:
-Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
-Soul Eater
-Nabari No Ou
-Special A
-Da Capo II Second Season
-Zero No Tsukaima Season 3
-Sekirei (New in July)
-Great Guardians (New in July)
-Koihime Musou (New in July)
-Gundam 00 Season 2 (coming this October)

Still, my favourite animes are D-Gray Man, Code Geass R2, & Gundam 00... they're rocks!

Ok, done for this post.

Wished all lucks to my best friends, caring friends, dearest friends, Prefects, and also, Players!
Especially players, please take care of your time, time management is very important now for a gamer.

One say "a person who put his/her heart to something, then it's time the true will guides you."

"The Sexiest Kasumi ever anime-form artwork."