September 21, 2008

Double Power - Nero, the second "Vergil"

Yep, as title said, this time I'll explain all about Nero's special abilities (not included Devil Bringer, this time) in DEVIL TRIGGER MODE as shown in the game. What is exactly really the so-called "power being doubled?" Let's find it out now.

Nero's skill and combo design quite unique one, and mainly focusing on two matter: 1st, the style of vergil's attacks and his D.T. attacks; and 2nd, the matter of the number FOUR "4". Yes, you've probably noticed and not so. Here I'll explain those I discovered...

I'll start with the point focusing on the number FOUR. This is quite easy, and quite not worth to be mentioned, however, here it goes.
  • Your RED QUEEN's 1st combo... i > i > i > i , right? Thats the FOUR hit combo.
  • your MAX-ACT exceed skills, with EX-CALIBUR and EX-SHUFFLE, a charged Red Queen will make a X-slash with the charged flame, It DOUBLE the power of the 2 slashes (think about something like 2 x 2, you'll get it, hell yeah.)
  • Another significant powerful attack, Nero's D.T.'s ultimate, the Maximum BET, at the time you start to PULL the wave out, he charged it, so the power DOUBLED again...
  • BLUE ROSE's charge shot, normal shot 2 bullets in a fire, a charged shot doubles it.
  • (NOT CLEAR) Yep, it's not that clear. With MAX-ACT full exceed, look carefully the SHAPE of Red Queen's skill, EX-STREAK, EX-SWING and EX-HIGH ROLLER, similiar with the numeric 4's shape right?
  • (NOT CLEAR) Another Red Queen's combo, the one with i ... i >i >i >i (tab i 4 to 7 times), the time the sword-smash skill started, look at the style of the slash, figure it as you are using pencil to write number 4, (the buff of the sword start writing...). Also, at the end of the combo, the sword strike to the ground, then it pulls out (hell not, it's a bit hard to figure it out -_-")
  • It's only broadsword, RED QUEEN's design, look carefully... at the edge of the sword, and also it's rumored MOTORBIKE's handle (lame...) both of the spot quite represented the number 4's shape.
The one that represents Vergil's skills, I'll continue at my next post.

"Boy, fireworks are prohibited there... with that spirit."