January 18, 2011

A day with my pet...

Had a memorable date with my pet, SonicaPLUS, a tour full of joy awaits :)

Meet my dear pet on time, she looks so pretty for me today >o<"

 Taken at Rapunzel Palace Fountain.

"Blewwwww~" she's soo cute!

Next stop, the re-open Dragonair Tower(I named it xD)

Taken some photos at there ~

Recreate this beautiful Land of Mothers' day.

Last spot, my dear pet's Petlings' garden.

 Meet her petlings! (4 of them, including a Panda)

Beautiful scene... with my adorable pet :D

Well, it's time to send her back to her sweet home :)

Seems she have some new collections ~

had a warm hug with her, and farewell... I must date her more in future ~ !

*Being too shy to raise my romance skill xDD

- Zenalucard

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