March 31, 2011

Upcoming Nendoroids - up to April 2011

Miku Ranger 1
Color Sentai Miku Rangers!

Just doing some quick upcoming Nendoroids review.
Some extremely lovely new faces are here...!!

(Images ALL credited to Animaster 'Nendonesia' & nekomagic)

March 27, 2011

March 26, 2011

Dollfie of the Day 21

2011-03-20-010 by hidari0928
2011-03-20-010 a photo by hidari0928 on Flickr.
Sexy Dollfie with nicely designed battle clothes <3 by hidari0928.

March 21, 2011

Dollfie of the Day 17

IMG_9043l by Hololo
IMG_9043l a photo by Hololo on Flickr.
Unstoppable force!!
She's owned by Hololo.

*bleeding over the room*

March 19, 2011

Dollfie of the Day 15

DSC01028 by leafsama
DSC01028 a photo by leafsama on Flickr.
Ahh... More Yuki-chan!! x3

this one by lovely owner, leafsama^^

March 18, 2011

March 17, 2011

Dollfie of the Day 13

Nanoha-68 by GabrielVH
Nanoha-68 a photo by GabrielVH on Flickr.
DD Nanoha-chan <3 owned by GabrielVH
DD Nanoha in twintails always fun to watch ^^ she's super pure~

'Support Japan!' Pet Society Exclusive

Lend your helping hand in another way <3

'Support Japan' Pet Society Exclusive
play the game, buy the item, and all it goes, to the donation~

March 16, 2011

Dollfie of the Day 12

DD Kusugawa Sasara by its great daddy Wolfheinrich
hahaha, just nose bleeding too much, oh I can't stop... Sasara, more 'pai' !!

visit his blog for his site to receive more his Dollfies adorableness & other posts too~
Wolfheinrich's world

Pray for Japan

by *KahoOkashii

get inspired by a picture on a newspaper !!

by KahoOkashii

March 15, 2011

Dollfie of the Day 11

Saber Lily Wig Changing Show ~
very potential model, Dollfie Lily by toel-uru

March 14, 2011

Dollfie of the Day 10

IMG_00021 by lsk10181018
IMG_00021 a photo by lsk10181018 on Flickr.
snow white Yuki... <3 <3 and she's from a Hong Kong owner too :3


LXES by *lunaticjoker

Going to feature some great Japanese DeviantArt artist lately.

Apparently there's a very positive situation in DeviantArt, it's like, their fans, or so called watchers in dA language, trying their best to confirm Japanese' safety via comments and Journals...

March 13, 2011

March 12, 2011

Dakimakura Cover - Miona

Dakimakura Cover - Miona by *KahoOkashii on deviantART

Making own dakimakura is such a nice thing... :3

Dollfie of the Day 8

AIKO[ARAEL]'s DD Yuki... wanna give you a hug :3

Miku wired mess

Miku wired mess by Ktux
Miku wired mess a photo by Ktux on Flickr.
Too shy to connect with us... :3


107 by Dr_Cow
107 a photo by Dr_Cow on Flickr.
Miku ~ :3

Beach time

358 by Dr_Cow
358 a photo by Dr_Cow on Flickr.
Nendoroids live a happy life ^^

She's totally hopeless!

IMG_11221 by Dr_Cow
IMG_11221 a photo by Dr_Cow on Flickr.
Azunyan ( ゚д゚)

Fate Testarossa

IMG_8920l by Hololo
IMG_8920l a photo by Hololo on Flickr.
it's all about a fitting uniform ( ゚д゚) xD

March 11, 2011

Dollfie of the Day 7

DSC_3837a by stepswalker
DSC_3837a a photo by stepswalker on Flickr.
Tokyo Magnitude 8.9

Disaster caused the huge mess... let's just pray for their safety.

March 8, 2011

March 7, 2011

Figure Collection

My Figure Collection  by toel-uru
My Figure Collection a photo by toel-uru on Flickr.
That's A LOT Nendoroids... by owner toel-uru.

when can I have mine piles up... :3

Nice Body

IMG_8758l by Hololo
IMG_8758l a photo by Hololo on Flickr.
Smexy VMF50 Super Sonico that I once desperately wanted during the release...
still struggling to get her in the future ~

She belongs to Hololo, who own various kind of dolls beside Dollfies.

Dollfie of the Day 3

桃園神社初詣 by 舞波
桃園神社初詣 a photo by 舞波 on Flickr.
DD Mashiro by Nakayoshi.

March 6, 2011

Dollfie of the Day 2

DSC_3820 by stepswalker
DSC_3820 a photo by stepswalker on Flickr.
She is Stepswalker's DD Mashiro.

Smexy... almost can get the fluffy feel!

K-ON! vs Vocaloids

Can Yui gain more attention from the audiences?

My Pretty Maid

My Pretty Maid by MagMarioX 健一小廚
My Pretty Maid a photo by MagMarioX 健一小廚 on Flickr.

Yuki Miku want to be like her

Yuki Miku: I want to be like Sasara sister ~~ ^3^
Sasara: ...............
Yuki Miku: How can I be like you? ^O^
Sasara: ...............
Yuki Miku: Please tell me ~~~~ TOT
Sasara: ...............( You cute enough~~ I disgree you grow up )

Flower scene - preview

preview by cnvl
preview a photo by cnvl on Flickr.
It's so beautiful...