January 20, 2011

"Love is in the Air..."

After this week, I'm really looking forward Pet Society's Valentine Week... 'dating' with my pet SonicaPLUS was full of joy xD

 "Date with my owner again... had my casual wear for him!"

 "Red Roadster... Whhoooahh!"

 "Bright moon tonight... it's beautiful :)"

 "Once again visit Rapunzel's palace Fountain."

Fully grown Rapunzel Princess hair... soo beautiful!" 

Having some rest under Pink tree swing.

"before send me back, owner taking some more photos for me :)"

"Owner's love for me... love him very much!"


*THUMBS UP for my amazing love-confessing romance story ~


Don't forget today tomorrow also having a post of Dollfie Dreams' photostream... always stay tuned my readers... getting too busy with my stuff lately T.T, messing around once again, but I will try to have my post up a.s.a.p. will be late but what... I like to share great stuff!

- Zenalucard

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