January 24, 2011

Pet Society: 1920 ... and Surrealism

"Stage show of year 192x... with some mixing of Surrealism...
 or should I become a Surrealist myself?"

"Interesting." :D

the 4th week, 1920 week, another vintage :)

"Going to nag about these with my owner... again bunch of blue price tags TT"

"Of course, my dearest owner comes first! Our relationship never goes worse 
just because of those unnecesary blue price tags. Lol."

 "Together we picked this Rosy ball dress... just love him!"

"No complain, glad our thoughts are linked... 
I just cant spend in unnecessary stuff too :D"  

"So by holding owner's hand, we had a visit at Mayor's mansion... hehe"

"no more blue price tags!" together we YELLED (lightly) beside him...
 sounds better right now :D 

 "Had a dance with my owner, our lovely moment ^^"

 she's seriously adorable while singing... Omg!

no, not for girls... let me do it dear :) 

 "Having some classic cocktails after it."

 "Dressing room... great design!"

"This dress is longer than I thought; shorter in the display picture...?"

"a problem with this week's dress *sad* 
which is why we shopped to buy new clothes for me!

"Together we prepare for our coming valentine dating <3 "

"have a deep *kiss* and end of today... xD"


*Hey Playfish, seriously your Playfish Cash sales going to be 
best money scammer throughout the year???

Just my (or most players') clear thought... :(

- SonicaPLUS

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