January 16, 2011

Starcraft II: Great Commentators of All-time!

Sorry for the incredible delay post, as I just revived from fountain of life -.-"

This post certainly important for every single Starcraft II players,
and of course our huge numbers of fans :D
even though you're accidentally come to my blog,
at least read this post of Starcraft II !

So, sum things up, I'm now bringing you some Youtube channel,
featuring Starcraft II broadcasting!!!
I'll post previous 2 commentators again,
just to make things neat and tidy :)

*New page of Starcraft II commentators will be up very soon :)

Click on their name
 to subscribe 
for Starcraft 2 videos!!

- Bumps for massive subscribed channels :D

I (or perhaps, we?) will not talking about who is the best commentator. For me I just need more, more & more Starcraft II replay footage (an active commentator certainly x2 the FUN). Well I won't subscribe randomly, I must say that they are the greatest Starcraft II commentators of all time :)

WORN OUT, going to take a long rest... @@@

Tomorrow's post will still on-going, and it's Pet Society ~

- Zenalucard

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