January 23, 2011

Best Japan 'AV' Terran player... Yes!!! (a Korean)

Today's post is pretty simple, simply because I'm now lack of time properly preparing a better post. Instead  delaying my great stories, hereby brings you some entertaining Starcraft II matches. It's really, really bad  I haven't post my Starcraft II commentaries page list yet, so bear with it for the moment, you may visit my previous post for some Youtube channel subscription :)

so, waste no time, together we watch a match featuring a great Japan 'AV' fans... of a Korean!! That's simply amazing cause that name it's not just simply a joke... he is so strong in Terran Marine micro which makes him one of the great Terran player (maybe there's chance to be better than MarineKingPrime?)

oh yeah, his alias was NEXSoraAoi (which is why, one of the top Japan AV promstar Lol)


*notable: a 2v2 match of  TZ v ZZ, Zerg early harass pressure, our great Terran player a Marine hero, hold until allies Zerg economy recover. Surprisingly you can see both in the TZ side micro very hard, which turned the table until the type out.


*notable: another of his 1v1 ZvT, even more impressive watching his solo match, despite how hard he's doing both macro & micro his Marines throughout the match. His super early double expo & multi rax greatly seal the deal of our Zerg player, for which his economy paid off very early despite his super expo.


That's all, hope you enjoy watching some great Marine micro. 

until next time :)

- Zenalucard

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