July 12, 2011

Summer Anime 2011 Reviews

"My top ten most f*cking awesome Animes" my apologies but I absolutely dislike rating and ranking.

I've been absent from my blog these few days, and now I'm getting sick~ straight up for five days, watched tons of new Animes, as usual to be expecting sooo many good stuff coming from them (and some unwanted stuff...?) Started the draft since last Sunday, it takes me long enough to finish... there are around 20 series of new Animes, what do you think? I'll keep my review simple and clear enough for your understanding, do note so I'll use a lot of the word similarities, so bear with it.

Oh, let's do this, grab some snacks & drinks as the review will goes quite a long way.

This post will serve as my (your) future reference. Again nothing about rating and ranking, haters just gonna hate it, simple and clear. How will my review goes? I'm going to do something like this...
  • good;
  • bad;
  • in my watchlist.
Oh well, be sure to check the list provided by Chartfag.

credits to Chartfag. Another version here.

#1 Sacred Seven good in my watchlist
You missed him?

Now you rejoice!
ANN plot summary
It's Science fiction. They both processed the same power, the power of Nakata Eiji!!

The story is your typical heroes, girls, villains and mysteries. Yeah, he's a high schooler. I mean, a hero with bright future~ anyway, the basic enemies so far are based on biological stone, which is somewhat similar to another upcoming anime Blood C. Great opening and ending song too. Oh, the tagline too... "People's memories change the world!"

Overall, it's a promising series you should watch.

#2 Ikoku Meiro no Croisée good in my watchlist
It's French, it's Fromage!
ANN plot summary
You may really notice similarities around, and you're absolutely right. You watched Gosick, an anime with French-speaking fictional European country; now you can get the similar background in this series, the story makes the difference though. It's more than just slice-a-life, very typical drama based series. To be honest, if you're a learning person, you are most beneficial from the series (there are lots of French words, sometimes with pronunciation!) Oh my, don't worry, if you're not, you might just want to enjoy this beautifully crafted anime drama series. 

#3 Uta no Prince-sama good in my watchlist
Maji Love!
ANN plot summary PV trailer
I might haven't watch Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, but I think it have numbers of similarity for this series. This anime adapted from their visual novel for PSP which targets female players.

"In your watchlist? Are you serious? You gay?" Oh come on, you're just a nerd listened too much female songs, you need some seasoning too, seasoning. I respected this anime, lot much more than other series. I love singing, male singers, even more on male singers in group. Anyway, songs in the series are BRILLIANT, with some drama that can remember you how Skip Beat! works. All about dramas in an Idol-based University with most of the popular Idols work as the organization... to give birth the next generation of Idols and composers. A must watch.

#4 R-15 good in my watchlist

Bucho, she's now my fave character in the series ♥
ANN plot summary
I'm really continue to say... similarities. This is R-15, last season you got collaborated works Dogs Days, you got Anime card game Weiß Survive, even the ongoing manga series Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha Vivid.  Takuya Fujima, you got to remember his name, he did the most beautiful character illustration, in my opinion. 

Back to the series, It's a male protagonist surrounded with beautiful, adorable females (In love with Bucho ♥), middle school life setting. The school produces geniuses such as talented gymnast, revolutionary artist, brilliant programmer, amazing photographer, genius mathematician...the protagonist? Check the plot summary link if you haven't. 

Let's play around the other plot... It's a male protagonist gathered with most appealing, moe females, middle school life setting. The school comes with harem, ecchi, S&M, and sort of comedies, and sum up into romance. Storyline maybe as usual harem series, but personally, I think it brings the most satisfying fan service for everyone, than other loli harem series I'm going to review coming up. Highly recommended. 

#5 Manyuu Hikenchou bad
A good picture service not necessary comes with girls... thank you the subbers ;)

Similarities! You got it. Alternative? Huge similarities. Seikon no Qwaser, you don't know? Just google it~ basically the exact same director, and basically the usual stuff, mass censorship. I don't like Seikon no Qwaser story that much, at least I love the overall design; I have no good reason to follow up this series, let's just hope she can get a good ending. "I've stopped after the flashy 10 seconds opening ceremony"  this similar line widespread a lot from Internet feedback.

#6 Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou good in my watchlist
Very great opening song... cool stuff!
continuation from the first season. Don't have to tell much as far as you must follow this series, you just have to learn about the English name, Nurarihyon - Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon Capital, indeed sounds very cool... just watch it already! (Or don't watch if you haven't start first season.)

#7 Mawaru Penguin Drum good in my watchlist
My penguin assistants can't be this cute.
'Penguins!' Cute and adorable stuff really going around this series, of course will be mixed with some mind-twisting plot that some mysterious unidentified object who revives a dying girl... and one penguin, two penguins, three penguins. You got it, the comedic penguins, they will be facing another animals apparently in later story... of course follow up with some promising fighting scene. Oh yeah, similarities. Try to refer Denpa Onna to Seishu Otoko.

#8 Usagi Drop good in my watchlist
A fateful meeting.
Slice-a-life, heart-warming anime drama. The author was indeed outstanding, for trying a 30-year-old adult meet his illegitimate late 5-year-old 'aunt', something has been done by his grandfather. The story indeed followed up with his grandfather's funeral, and follow up with the fateful decision done by him, to adopt this little girl. Confused? Of course unusual relation easy to cause misunderstanding, but not this wonderful follow up story itself. Recommended.

#9 A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lies good in my watchlist
... and that will complete the spell of doom.
This series will spell a doom deep into your heart, for a childhood love story, with the author trying to separate them with some dreadful scene. In fact, it's really been a while I last seen some story with fateful lovers, and ended up with somebody as sacrifice, not just once. Will be a good story with some magic spells, heroic moment, and some deep romance... only if you can make sure to remember them. Good to watch.

(edit: ... love for justice!!!!!)

#10 The IDOLM@STER good in my watchlist
hand-lifting-underboob gravure pose, only for you.
Number one, it was a great promise to all IDOLM@STER fans and players. Number two, it was such a joy for me to watch two series comes with bunch of great songs, for the same season (Uta no Prince-sama!) I'm certainly missed the older series of IDOLM@STER Xenoglossia, which instead comes with a Mai-HiME alike story plot. The first episode was interesting enough though, with a bunch of unvoiced subtitles in which later to be introduced as their new producer... the protagonist! 

"You should have a favorite girl here...?" Aha, yes and my favorite(s) goes to Chihaya Kirasagi & Azusa Miura, a cool singer & a gravure idol ♥

#11 Mayo Chiki good in my watchlist
I didn't mean to know you're wearing... girlish panties.
"It's MM!" these fans will rejoice as soon as they find out this similar series. Harem series comes with the male protagonist alleged with any females touches him; the other way comes around for the female protagonist, who from a all-generation-male-butler-family forced to become a disguised male butler and get used to serve another being-served-for-generations princess-alike family. You guessed that, they meet each other, and the S&M been taken places~ This is the second harem series of the season I will highly recommend. 

#12 Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel 
Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise bad in my watchlist
Will you watch... because of the first name on top?
I'm so happy with their item releases, I'm so happy with lovely Mirai-chan... I'm so dull with the anime series. If you're an Oreimo type of magical girl addict, you will love this series instead, to the core. Bah, I think it's really, really up to you :D 

Still in my watchlist!? I'm looking for Emerald-haired twins, and Mirai-chan ♥

#13 YuruYuri bad
action-packed trollface.jpg
If you think Manyuu Hikenchou is bad, I think a story without a plot to shine, even worse. Slice-a-life, comedy with girls in first year middle school. When I meant bad, it's bad, honest. Well, at least they have cute girls having fun together, just not that bad, sometimes. You may want to check out Minami-ke.

#14 Kamisama Dolls good in my watchlist
Isn't it? I choose you!
If you watched this series before reading this, be honest, will you agree for Shiba to be your ideal girl? 
Best question I haven't ask for centuries, I mean, Shiba is an appealing girl with big pais, when do you last seen any big pais put into good use? This series will answer you how a good illustrator works.

Back to the story, a very straightforward action-packed science fiction, again with great amount of mysteries and heroic moment can be seen. You now considered your 'kamisama' a doll, which can helps you instantly facepalm your enemies... with some good mind control. Yeap, the dolls are really controlled with human's willpower. Oh yeah, much, much love for the cool opening and ending song

Let's sum up: Just one Shiba plus science fiction action heroes, don't you think it's an perfect idea? Watch!

#15 Natsume Yuujinchou San good in my watchlist
When is my last time watching you *chomp* paper? xD
I'm laughing for my caption, but I feel sorry to laugh at his story. Followed up by the second season, Natsume-san once again showing how friendly you can be friends and talk to the spirits and ghosts. We got intense action Nurarihyon no Mago, and I suggest a light action Natsume Yuujinchou. Lovely opening and ending as usual, and you will be glad to watch it.

#16 Ro-Kyu-Bu! good
Loli Slam Dunk.
I don't know the story about ANN ended up with the idea "rate this series lolicon!", and I'm quite interested to learn about it. I should have known, this is indeed a lolicon show, aside a, new, plot, on having basketball as hobby, as club activities. Not sure if I will drop this series until they show me some good basketball scene. That's all. 

#17 Kamisama no Memochou good in my watchlist
Durarararara in logical form.
One good mysteries-focused and psychological anime, with some more logical superhuman (or just simply genius) characters. You can see good friendship, simple romance, strategic teamwork, Idealistic detective, and definitive justice, behind this team who called themselves NEET. A girl as intel programmer, doesn't that sounds lovely? Good to go and good to watch. It's Durarararara.

#18 No.6 good in my watchlist
... ...will you?
dystopia, it answered this series. Very interesting story with some scientific logic focused, showing some brotherly friendship, and certain controlled violence. Suggested to watch, it has science, it's modern setting, it's about future, it's cool stuff... don't you agree?

#19 Nekogami Yaoyorozu/Cat God good in my watchlist
We need a TouHou version of thumbs down. Anyone?
Indeed interesting nekogami anime, with groups of cute and adorable characters. Comedy-based, you may say a near Nichijou level of comedy (although Nichijou remains to give the hardest troll for everyone~) Plus some great mix of TouHou Project style, it's some Edo-plus-modern-structure built on cloud, with wide range of neko gods, an slice-a-life anime that high recommended to watch.

#20 Blood-C good in my watchlist
She pierced my heart *bleeding*
Air-headed Hyakka Ryoran's Naoe Kanetsugu alike pom-pom twintails girl with some stunning second personality with mortal flexibility and swordmanship. Indeed interesting though for some resemblance of certain past Blood titles series. There are violence, blood and gore though, and they have another biological stone enemies aside Sacred Seven, with a bit more serious, monstrous movement, which is fine to be realistic. No exact idea for the first episode issue, though, as you may noticed some unusual amount of lag, delay, prolong and such words, no idea, something not right with the scene, dear director. Despite that, it's just good to go.
#21 Dantalian no Shoka (July 15) (To be update)
Yet on airing, but the story will be very promising.

~my dropped animes~
#22 Nyanpire! The Animation 
Too cute for a neko empire... :3
ANN plot summary the cute PV
Yeah, it's absolutely overloaded with adorableness, I mean, An empire of Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan... ... perhaps I'll watch it sometimes as this cuteness of nyan still promised some great show.

#23 Baka to Test to Shokanjuu Ni! 
Wanted to 'Ugyuuuu' her? Sounds great.
Not a fan of the series, just according to friends, good comedy stuff ongoing, will be a fine show.

#24 Blade  
absolutely black, sexy guy.
I'm not a real fan for Marvel's story telling, I just love their character design.

#25 Morita-san wa Mukuchi 3 mins show  
Why three minutes!? Your girls will be forgotten...
Three minutes, only if I live in a Japanese house, sit down, and watch the TV. They comes from a four panel comedy manga, that does not explained the three minutes show, why not pile them up like Seitokai Yakuindomo? Oh come on your sales girls have so many potential. Will watch it sometimes just to check out their adorable girls.

#26 Double-J 4 mins show  
I got 40 minutes, they gave me 4 minutes.
Come on why four minutes? You got great flash script with some beautiful character design. I'm now sad.

Alright, that's all for my version of Summer Anime 2011 reviews~
Thanks for reading! I'm not used to say this "my apologies for my bad English tee-hee-hee" Please notify me if there are some typo (or misleading, let's hope not). Again the review basically for my future reference, in primary, so it's nothing about rating and ranking.

Until next time :3

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