July 9, 2011

Trash talk #1

Hello readers, how's your doing lately? I'm doing great. There will be no figure reviews these coming days, as I'm preparing the review~ Also, might be busy for some stuff later on, like brainstorm ideas to innovate the blog, and doing more photo shoots, still planning on making a light box of my own though. What else? I am watching new season of Animes, and doing some warm-up for my Anime vectors

Motivation: Coffee or Noumi-chan? HARD ♥

My daily cup.
"Coffee? Who else hate it?" I'm really fine even my daily cup was not a coffee (Milo!) But when coffee comes into my mind, I'm getting more picky of selecting types of coffees. The one as shown above was a Nescafe menu: Ipoh White Coffee which became my favorite coffee exactly one year by now. I don't know if you the one having coffees daily, how long will your consciousness lasts after having it? For my case, I CAN actually fell asleep even after having coffee for less than 15 minutes...!

Keep some control though, don't drink too much coffee!

Little princess ♥
Taking photos for my lovely collection.
Here's some photos I've taken lately. Planned some new setup, for instance, getting some wrap papers, and setup a cheapo light box. So far I'll stick with this natural combo: daylight and wrap papers. Friends asked me to afford DSLR, be honest, no plan on getting one only until next year, and I'm still enjoy using my current OLYMPUS u1030SW. Budgets? Here's my answer

Taking design course requires inspiration. Quite not the answer, if you don't produce your own work forces of motivation for starting any pieces of design. It's some old words but, there are near uncountable numbers of work can be classified as part of design. I would like to try various range of design works, so I've chosen as part of multimedia people.

In fact, I might don't have a fixed style of design, and ended up trying so many different stuff around. For instance, the pieces shown above was one of my 'try', which was my favorite 'background-repeat' with Century Gothic; check out my 'few-clicks' collage works which promotes printing; back on track with my InkScape-powered Anime vectors on DeviantArt.

Something I really wanted to try earlier or later... video casting!! Sources of Inspiration? Every single reason lies on my passion following the greatest scene ever on E-sports.

"Damn you may I see your favorites' count?"
Stalkers, stalkers!
"I'm an expert on stalking (real) girls..." It proves me as an otaku... by stalking Dollfies and female anime figures ♥ Heh, that's what you're suppose to do, if you're not, can you tell if the print screen above are for us, the viewers and collectors? 

I'm not really an expert on how 'first world' people works, but I think there's some really underrated features: favorite something online, bookmark websites (even sometimes the 'Like it' on Facebook). It's okay if you viewed their lovely works, but do you really think it's fine not to 'fave' them for your future reference and collections? 

DO note so I'm absolutely not promoting people who actually PLAGIARIZE people's works :(
Please, don't do it :( There are so many ways you can DO to promote that piece of work you love, for instance, favorite it! If you're the owner, try you best to watermark them when necessary, people know your works are original, but sometimes it really make practices easier for people to cite your works; If you're the viewer (or fans), when you use someone's image, at least provide some sources of link that can be redirect to respective owners or sites. 

Oops, I'm just suggesting, bear in mind :D

Noumi-chan: "Why you still coffee!? I'm angry now-wafu >o< !!"
 Bah, finished! Until next post :D
Think I'll doing a little Anime reviews for the Summer season 2011.

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