July 6, 2011

Atelier Totori Nendoroid by Goodsmile

Hello everyone~ today it's a sunny morning and it's not so hot... does that mean it's now summer season? Anyway, having a good time and decided to present you one of my favorite get of this month...
Nendoroid Atelier Totori ♥
Wallpaper for you.

 Table of content:
  • Introduction
  • Box design
  • First pose
  • Second pose
  • Third pose
  • Fourth pose
  • Bonus
In short, her real name is Totoruria Helmolt from a upcoming PS3 JRPG title, 'Atelier Totori The Adventurer of Arland'. Here's the trailer...

It was so bad for me not able to actually play JRPG games for a decade... and I wanted to play them now desperately. The question lies to when I'll get any of the consoles :)

Anyway, let's get started with this little cutie's review ♥

The box design.
Clean, simple, informative, as usual goodsmile standard, except there's side windows for both side of the box. The color matching are absolutely gorgeous. As the set item takes out, you can see everything is arranged accordingly (yes it comes with lots of exchangeable parts!) Also it comes with a small paper which works as a checklist of the items, and a small manual on how to plug the stand with her hair.
As a designer, I don't particulary look for Japanese font type, but will do so once there's a chance for me :)

The first pose.
"Nice to meet you... my name is Totori ♥" Not a surprise for those who get Totori to be noticed that her default right arm comes with a shake hand pose. The default facial expression with normal eyes and a light smile, which absolutely matching her welcome pose I mentioned earlier ♥ You may notice she's carrying a small bag for carrying her beloved test tubes which easily to put on by removing the head and slightly adjust the left hand. She comes with a lovely staff design and her little assistant with a mini stand made for her.

The second pose.
Just look at that adorable crying face of her... ♥ It seems she's somewhat hurt by the test tubes~ This is her second facial expression, and yes, those little cute-looking test tubes come along with her. You can easily attach them by exchanging both the grab object arms.

The third pose.
"See? I made some flamm to assist your hunt!" According to mikatan, the item on her hand called 'flamm' which works as a bomb. Be careful though when assembling this hand pose as it has a little loose and not to equip them by force. Love her third facial expression very much ♥
I haven't getting a chance to play the game, Totori, but hope that flamm helps ♥

The fourth pose.
"Time for experiments!" Totori-chan is sitting down as something comes into her mind. Wait, sitting on the ground!? Yeah she also comes with exchangeable bottom part for her to sit, which looks very lovely ♥ Goodsmile also did a good job on the blocking between the upper dress and the skirt by making pair of holes to prevent the blocking when you equip this sitting pose. The ribbon behind her dress also exchangable with one that fits with the sitting pose.

The semi-transparent skirt.
They did a great job controlling the transparency and softness of the skirt too.
"Wait... why is her skirt here... that's means now she's not wearing it...!?"

"No, don't look at me like that... it's embarrasing!" Personally love this face expression more, simply because I can easily tease her more ♥

My new assistant!
If you ever follow some of my photos, you'll notice this time I did not do this review on my usual table... now I have this mobile table! It actually saves me alot, because my usual study table are quite cramping with lappy, figures and my usual stuff on top of it.
This table is very useful addition to be honest. Firstly, I can now assemble my figures on this table with wide space~ Secondly, I can place my figures here when I'm cleaning my room which lately become more compulsory as my weekly duty roster.

Thanks for reading!
To sum up today's review, here's some lovely photos just for you ♥ Hope you enjoy and hope that Nendoroid Atelier Totori will be your choice too ♥

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