July 5, 2011

Naoe Kanetsugu Beach Disguise Wear by Amiami ZERO

Watched this particular harem Anime 'Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls', not quite interested about the story as soon as you fall in love with those adorable and sexy range of character design ♥

And now, Amiami ZERO hereby bring us this adorable figure, Naoe Kanetsugu on her beach disguise wear which looks appealing at the same time ♥

by the mean time, here's some collages just for you :)

now available on amiami.jp


That face... and her hidden appeal!

Now here's the reason you should own her... her trademark twintails with bell ties are exchangable! 
Oh no... where's her white shirt? That will seal the deal right after you get her ♥
if you're worry about the sculpting, you can check out some discussion on myfigurecollection.net

I'm decided to get her by the way~

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