July 7, 2011

Noumi Kudryavka Nendoroid by Goodsmile

Hello readers and figure collectors, today I would like to show you one of my figure get from June 2011...
Nendoroid Noumi Kudryavka
 Table of content:
  • Introduction
  • Box design
  • First impression
  • Second pose
  • Third pose
  • Fourth pose
  • Bonus
Hey, How about we get started with this adorable trailer first? ♥

Yep, she's from the first visual novel title 'Little Busters EX' as an additional character, and later on she got a debut of her own 'Kud Wafter!'. Something about her voices? Now read her background and you'll get the answer...

Kudryavka, also known as 'Kud' (クド Kudo) for short, is a girl who is a quarter Japanese, and three-quarters Russian. Her full Russian name is Kudryavka Anatolyevna Strugatskaya. Her grandmother is Japanese. Her grandfather was crazy about Japanese culture and per his influence on her, she came to know much about Japanese culture too, including the language. Despite having a poor handle on the English language, she was able to skip a year in school due to credits obtained through studying abroad. From Wikipedia.

Alright, let's move on to the review...

The box design.
Comes with pinkish theme with some paw patterns which looks absolutely lovely ♥ Everything on usual Goodsmile box design. A note for improvement would be a little note at the bottom right of the rear box visual... it says "set info: manual is included inside the box" as shown below...

The manual.
Every parts are categorized with alphabets which looks 'cute' and neat in a sense. Proper instruction included for some require assemble parts.

The 3/4 Russian girl.
Opened up and removed the well protected plastics.
"Oh look what we got here... it's Noumi-chan~ ♥"

The first impression.
Instead of 'first pose', I'll mention impression for this one with the details. The sculptor did a great job, really. Look how detailed the uniform, pattern skirt, and the adorable cape ♥ A bat shaped hair clip can be located on her hair, which signify something like 'little devil girl' ♥ You may find some cute white ribbons on each of her socks too ♥ Her default facial expression comes with normal eyes with those tiny little 'devil' teeth.

Just with the direct assemble, everything looks so neat and adorable for a first pose ♥

Multiple exchangeable parts.
Just look at what items available with her, there are so many options for just her outfit!

The huge school hat.
Her hat is so big for a little girl like Noumi ♥ The hat design comes with a large button and blue ribbons comes from the back. As shown in the fourth picture above, you can just put it on her head without connecting any joints.

The bow tie.
There's a specially made bow tie, which allows you to pose her outfit without the cape.

The second pose.
*Winking happily* aww she's so cute with this facial expression ♥

The capes.
Some Noumi-chan owners may confused with the extra cape provided. Now you can take a closer look and spot the difference. From the fourth photo above, you can notice the cape designed in smaller shoulder coverage, which allows her to raise her arms comfortably when assembled.


 The third pose.
Just IMAGINE she can bark like this. Even if she don't, with that embarrassing yawning facial expression, she's already developed a killing blow deep into my heart... MOE ♥ ♥

The puppy ears and tail.
You can easily attach the pair of puppy ears from inside of the hat. The puppy tail can be easily attach by exchanging the extra skirt which allows the tail to join together. And yes, the puppy tail was designed facing right side, and not to be blocked by the cape(s) ♥

The fourth pose.
This pose comes with the simple white Frisbee and a cute simple design dark brown puppy. The head of the puppy is adjustable. The Frisbee can be attached with the provided holding arm.

Thanks for reading!
Here we comes to an end for Nendoroid Noumi's review ♥ To finish it up, as usual I've included some extra shots of this adorable Noumi-chan ♥

p.s. will made a Nendoroid Noumi's simple .gif animation for the next post, stay tuned~

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