January 3, 2011

Pet Society: Nurse Uniform

"Currently working as a part timer nurse for a week, so happy to wear the adorable Pink Nurse uniform ~ my owner fall in love with me... love him :3"
Pink Nurse Uniform

"For some reason, the hospital I worked have a better taste in choosing furniture & tools, the doctor be very nice to his patients too :D"

*slacking* "Sleeping... no don't look at me!!"

"It's year 2011 now, to get me a better life, my owner try his best to make a wedding bedroom for me, I'm actually surprised!!"

"As I dearly ask him, the purpose of this hard work not only to live happily, also for remembering our 2-year life living together ^^ "

Wedding Nightwear

"It's embarrassing, but he had this dress for me too, it's elegant :)"

~ "Love you forever... :kiss:" ~

... XDD

"To celebrate New Year 2011, my society I'm currently living now having a 40% Playfish cash sales ~"

"I'm ready to shop some with my 'hubby' ~ "

- SonicaPLUS

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