January 2, 2011

Super Sonico vmf50

So far vmf50 Super Sonico released in December 2010, and it's pretty limited, and I only found this owner, Hotaru, share his Sonico in vmf50 (Figure.fm). I have pretty sure at very least collectors in Japan should have got it, maybe they just yet to ready their daughters to be shown, same applies to foreign adopters.

*friendly warning: contain may be explicit ~ 
 well, this is it, vmf50 Super Sonico, owned by a vmf50 user, Hotaru.
Mizuki + spec, it's super cuteeee!
 the original bikini comes with the bundle. *nose bleeding ~*
approximately 50cm high in general. That makes a sexy daughter/imouto!
her 'home' before unpacking.

Hope to adopt a Dollfie/vmf50 in the future T.T ~ 
Also, wishing Super Sonico to be released for more figures & others in the future ^^

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