January 5, 2011

Back to Meow City...

Meow ~ now in Kuching, holidays were not really over, however summer class stays ahead T.T

Just recently moved back to my hostel's room, and WOW, gonna 'hug' my Nendoroids ~ xD

"mind if i call you Nao-Nao from now on ? xDD"
Also, if you ever notice my previous shots of Cherudim Gundam, there are missing parts around him... this time he's coming back in full arsenals, lock-on time! 

Bought the stage pod too from my hometown, now fixed it and hey, now my Cherudim Gundam can do hover sniping!

Now I'm back for campus WiFi, and finally transitioned my Starcraft II from pirate into original version by doing some "WiFi duo trick" (switching between downloads), now fully updated, and access using my own Battle.net account ~

Still sticking with 4v4 Insane AI match since last December...

Alright, things are pretty fast paced, my upcoming two posts will be very interesting ~ oh yeah, hope you like my updated mixpod playlists right beside my blog :D

Be sure to stay tuned my readers ~

- Zenalucard

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