January 6, 2011

Dollfie Dream - AIKO[ARAEL]

Yes, I'm going to do this from now on, just really enjoyed viewing their photo shots, and It's a shame that I'm not going to share with you guys/gals :D

*friendly note: this is solely for sharing purpose, all rights reserved to owners.

AIKO[ARAEL]-開到花蘼,浮生若夢's photostream

Hi,i'm AIKO-王晓海 from Shanghai.
I love dollfiedream,anime,figures and the Japanese culture.
If you like my photograph,Please feel free to give to me "contact".XD
T.T (sorry for my poor English.)

Daughters owned: 2 
Daughters: DD Mio, DD Morikawa Yuki

His works so far:

Previous works:

More on

AIKO[ARAEL]-開到花蘼,浮生若夢's photostream

Hah in fact I love DD Yuki very much xDD ~ she's just look so adorable <3
I (in fact, we) are calling Dollfie Dreams as Daughters, since they're something really precious that requires your passion and efforts to take good care of them...

Well basically AIKO is from China, I'm seriously in love with his works, pure inspiration ~ his loves on Dollfies are full of passion. Like his works? be sure to visit his flickr page as above.

so far I'm going to schedule this kind of posts at least 1 to 2 of them, starting this Friday (fixed) & one in random as long as I got the time. Well do feel free to suggest your opinion about this, so I'm able to keep this kind of posts going on ~

one more specials to be revealed tomorrow, stay on track yeah :D

- Zenalucard

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