January 8, 2011

StarCraft II

My blog hereby brings you ~
"It's all about how to GET heavy!"

*New Labels added: Starcraft

Well as you know, Starcraft played a major role in E-sports globally (so far, it's 13 years by now), despite it's a  macro (or micro) based war game (RTS). I'm ready to schedule these posts every Sunday from now on. I have played Starcraft: Brood War since primary, even the infamous mod Gundam Century, it's like tons of fun awaits me, construct technologies, create cool units, trying amazing skills... and now I'm definitely, definitely back for it's sequel and become a huge fan of it. 

Since this is the first Starcraft II post featuring in my blog, to keep my readers (especially Malaysians) updating about its strategies, tournaments, videos, points of view and so on, I will keep my format based on the categories I mentioned. Well, for those who actually knows more about this, you can just pretend refreshing your 'database', as you know, sharing was fun, doing interesting sharing was part of my life :D

Those who are new, enjoy the trailer 1st ~

Ok, I'm super excited now, but I'll do this slowly... :)
So right now, introduce you two AMAZING Starcraft II broadcasters:

Meet HD 
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A better voice for radio has never been born. HD is a commentator for the more seasoned player; his dulcet tones come off as slightly more professional and measured than Husky's sexuberant casts, but the two have joined forces to create starcraftarena.net: a replay depository and centre for discussion.
- (PCgamer Malaysia vol.8 no.11)

Meet Husky

Husky is a natural host, bouncing his ways through reams of Starcraft II footage. Friendly and willing to take the piss out of himself, he's ideal for new players not going into needless detail, but explaining quickly and precisely how and why the strategies shown on screen work.
- (PCgamer Malaysia vol.8 no.11)

There are more, more actual commentators (Day9, Artosis) & potential ones (Psy, ForceSc2) which I will go through with you all on coming Sundays.

For HD, he's a super-potent shoutcasters as mentioned, his voice is really good; he's ready to melt you apart for intense tactics review in pro gaming matches (replays' footage). As a Zerg player, he plays really well, recently doing his own ladder matches broadcasting, trying to review with everyone some important 'things-to-do'. He also features some 'just for fun' maps too.

For Husky, he's full of joy broadcasting every matches, with his 'sweetest' voices into your ears :D. Before Starcraft II he's already a commentator himself contributing at Korea's popular E-sports channel Gom TV.
He plays other popular games too, featured on his channel, and making parodies song with Kurt was a plus! Oh yeah, he's an adorable Protoss player <3.

It's pretty much that's all, don't want to keep post too long. Until next time.

Enjoy your day :)

- Zenalucard

Youtube.com - HDstarcraft, Youtube.com - HuskyStarcraft, Facebook Fan Pages, PCgamer Malaysia vol.8 no.11

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