December 23, 2010

Pet Society: Cute Sailor Girl

Missed my blog, having fun in holiday mood, punishing in Darksidersspamming Starcraft II & finished 3 series of Animes within 5 days! I had my connection available via Celcom bought by my dad, testing the speed recently until now, it's time to update my blog!

Cute Sailor Girl Dress (weekly gift, 1 per week)

*Changed my pet's looks for year 2011, to be revealed!

Well, let's start off with Pet Society, basically my pet SonicaPLUS wearing this adorable Cute Sailor Girl Dress from the weekly gift (by other players), 4 weeks to get the full set, and this will be how my pet looks so pretty at it! As there are Japanese style Seifuku (mostly based on sailor design), instead of this featuring western style sailor girl dress, comes with deep blue overall, white skirt layer, red stripes, set of cute hand ribbons, and of course the remarkable girl style Ribboned sailor hat! Things just make into shine xD ~

Recently Pet Society having last week of Petmas celebration, a 4-weeks run comes to an end, and hereby introducing the final week of Pet Society 2010, preparation of Year 2011 Celebration, obvious huh?

that's all, as I'm in holiday 'style', will try post once per day constantly, celebration draws near ~

 1 more until CHRISTMAS EVE, 2 more until CHRISTMAS, enjoy my readers :D

- Zenalucard

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