December 13, 2010

Nendoroids in X'mas !!

I'll try my best to get a connection once I back to my hometown, else this will be the last post of this year... the end of 2010!! In case that happens, I'm hereby early wishing you all...

"HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 ~ !!"

"Kyuu ~ ...!?" Well, it's their X'mas celebration xD. Album here

Well, let's summarize my posts so far... since I "revived" this blog around September, so far most I shared will be:

"my own Nendoroids"
"'s Figures, Nendoroids & other products"
"my personal Deviantart creations, including vectors & wallpapers"
"Dollfie Dreams"
"Pet Society"
"specials: Da Capo 'Kotori Love ExP & Super Sonico D.D."

---*for your info, you may use "LABELS" located at the Right of my widgets, to check out my previous "categorized" posts.

any suggestions feel free to leave comments here, I know that I haven't start the IT section, will try my best on the coming posts. Be sure to keep on track of my posts, all hail my readers!! 

Going back for holidays ~ T.T to the blog :D

- Zenalucard

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