December 24, 2010

Pet Society: Modern Holiday Dress

Modern Holiday Dress

SonicaPLUS was having Christmas with holiday mood... just like me! Comes with glossy black high dress tied with red ribbons, lady shoes w/ red ribbons, and a read headband with glossy black ribbons. The hairstyle in second image can get from Winter Fairy digging site, and the color is exclusive only!

Tomorrow's post will be featuring my pet's year end room designs, before I'm going to clear all the rooms. (except a fish display aquarium, her dearest Mon Petit Cheri clothing room, petlings' room & some Dec-only item rooms). 

Actually I have quite alot of posts on list, trying to schedule properly, maybe even after Christmas I'll have 2 posts per day to tie up the time before end of year 2010. Posts will be relating to Pet Society and figure updates from Animetsu, and a sale that Kuching otaku's' are waiting for!! Enjoying my mum's dinners for two days... it's 'pure' delicious that I won't get anywhere xD

In the meantime, stay tuned my readers & have a nice Christmas Eve ~ !!

- Zenalucard

Best DEAL of the year  WIN

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