November 14, 2010

Vector with Paint.NET

So, this is my first vector creation!

I've taken a screenshot from the Anime "MM!", and vectored it by using Paint.NET.
I don't have Adobe Illustrator, which will ease the job ALOT, so ended up challenging myself with Paint.NET (which have the most basic features of Adobe illustrator though, for editing). The progress is a real pain a*s for my first time, ouch!

So, here's my 1st masterpiece, Yuuno Arashiko from "MM!", hooray xD

 Vector will be always relating to "pixelate" outline.
The final coloring, it's not yet perfect though.

I've just simply outline it with layers, then pick colors from origin. Still don't have the actual idea of how to use the 'gradient' & 'shader' tools in Paint.NET, so as you can see above, Yuuno's brush is missing, and the hairs at top-left does not show reflection either. Vectoring is no simple task in conclusion with Paint.NET, especially for a newbie like me =(

Of course, I'll try to improve it, and hope that I can post my 2nd vector share yeah =)

Well, that's all for today, feel free to ask questions & leave comments. Hope you guys enjoy my share ~


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