November 16, 2010

Dr.Ruuru: hi-res vector done!

Today, right I finished my class, I start my first ever hi-res vector on "Dr.Ruuru", one of the short manga series.

The pretty Dr.Ruuru... in hi-res vector!

I start this right after my lunch. By using Paint.NET, it took me almost about 10 hrs to finish it, and finally, it's beautifully done & I loved it soooo much ~ xD

Actually, the outline didn't take me long to line-up, what made it the longest are the pair of eyes, and the full shader. My eyes so tired after it, but it's really worth the time :D

Okay, after this I'll take some rest. Oh yeah, I have created My DeviantArt profile & uploaded most recent artworks, be sure to pay a visit too:

Tomorrow is Hari Raya for Malays, so it's a holiday & I'll watch MLG's Starcraft 2 matches from Dallas. What is this? It's a global electronic sports organization like WCG, and it's currently holding a 3-rounds tournament in three places. AND, pros of Starcraft II rules the matches!

Stay tuned :D

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