November 14, 2010

Dr. Rurru

Here's one interesting harem manga I found recently... indeed, another harem =)

If you like harem series like "To Love-Ru" or "MM!", then you will definitely like this!

Her name is Dr.Rurru, yet another "pretty" alien invasion LOL

Here's the story summary:
"A planet-threatening space disease, the "demon flu", has infected an inhabitant of Earth, and a space doctor is needed! The Space Medical Bureau has chosen Dr. Rurru for the job, but -- unfortunately for Minao Hitoharu, the infected patient -- she has a tendency to mishear and misspeak (with a mind towards ecchi) to comical effect." 

Suprisingly, beside character design, what's make the story plot a slight difference than usual harem series, that is the story will be relating to medical & disasters, which I like. Btw Dr.Rurru is very adorable :3 hope it will adapt an OVA or even short Anime series if possible...

Interested? well you can read it here, it's English subbed.

Recently, I'm just learning vector skills based on Anime, and finally finished my first ever Anime vector ~ I'll have it in my next post very soon, so stay tuned :D

Okay, hope you guys like the share and enjoy reading Dr.Rurru ~

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