November 30, 2010

Nendoroid Nao from Mabinogi

Before that, here I'll bring another new limited Nendoroid petit info:

I'm just recently learnt about this new dating sim, and they have the PS3 version released, bundled with this Nendoroid petit. Here's the website:
『L@VE ONCE』応援バナー

Now, I'll introduce you this Nendroid Nao, from the popular MMORPG 'Mabinogi'

The adorable female NPC Nao ~

By any pose she's just looks too cute xD

Anyway, you may ask why I'm mention this previous Nendoroid released (year 2007)? It's just because I booked it by CHANCE, which a customer cancelled the order recently according to Momotoys' boss :D

Okay, just stay tuned for more important figure updates yeah :)


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