November 30, 2010

Pet Society: Sugar Plum Fairy Dress

For some good reason, it's actually a waste not to properly promote the artworks & designs of this game, so I've decided to create this category & bring you guys more of these. I'm actually go through only the fashion design, of course my pet SonicaPLUS will be the model ^^

Sugar Plum Fairy Dress

Sugar Plum Fairy Dress comes with one piece in Rose & sparking design, Dancing princess shoes, and a Tiara. For the hair, it's part of the Mon Petit Cheri's 3rd bundle fashion release, and it suits my pet perfectly :D

Currently Pet Society in December will bring everyone new items featuring Christmas season. Just like Halloween season, it will go through all sorts of items featuring Christmas, at least up to 4 weeks!

It's actually great to play this game, as you can really learn all sorts of festivals, seasons & special events.

Stay tuned, as I'll dress her & hit more 'printscreen' for adorable photos of her xD

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Erza Scarlet said...

was this item for cash or coins?