November 26, 2010

Anime Collectibles Discount March-up

Hello everyone ~

First of all, in case some of you guys don't know,
Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone!

Finally I can update my blog again, It's been a week since 3 assignments & 2 tests filled up at least 10 days...

It's almost end of November, what's coming up next? As the title stated, it's time for march-up year end sales. Hypermarkets, Giordano, Sony, Nike sales? Those are all common offers, what else? Yep, this is Anime-only collectible sales for Anime fans! 

For Kuching Locals, be sure to Facebook 'Join Group' Momotoys to view more discount info!
For Malaysians, you may want to visit right away... off sales up to 30%!

Lately I started doing some Anime vectors, make sure to visit my site yeah: In addition, I'm currently watching quite a lot Starcraft 2 gameplays featuring MLG, GSL leagues & itself brought to us by HDstarcraft & Huskystarcraft, for now I'm trying to improve my Terran skills in the mean time, it's just simply because those videos are real epic! (Especially FruitDealer, Korean Sc2 champion, and TLO from Team Liquid)

Be sure to read on the next post!

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