October 31, 2010

New release... Super Sonico in Dollfie Dream!!

Shock! To think that my new favorite female chara, Super Sonico, has made into a VMF50!!

By the way, Sonico into VMF50 is far too pretty (although a Dollfie is even better!)

Here's the new line-up for the VMF50 family:

There's some other goodies of Super Sonico too:

Super Sonico Baby Doll ver. DX (pre-order available now in animetsu.com!)
 Super Sonico shimapan ver. (order now in animetsu.com)

Sonico's upcoming game to be release early year 2011... awaits!
visit supersonico.jp for more information.


kristalyamaki said...

Hey Zen! John here! Nice anime blog you have here! I've added your blog to my blogroll! :D

Zen Lim (Zenalucard) said...

no problem, trying to keep it update, keep in touch yeah xD

coffeebugg said...

That's no Dollfie Dream. I think it's a Yamato VMF50 doll. but about the same size as a Dollfie dream as well.

Zen Lim (Zenalucard) said...

OMG thanks for the reminder! Just realised I'm totally wrong for the info :( I'm still new to Anime stuff collection, anyway glad to hear from you~