October 31, 2010

Today's "Hunt & Loot"

So, today I went to one new shopping mall called 'the Hills' located in the city of Kuching. At 1st I'm actually going to a 'Halloween Cosplay show' with a friend, but too bad the event only holds less than 2 hours, so we missed it~

Since it's my first time in 'the Hills', we're walking around the mall. What I know is that shopping mall is still new, so there isn't much shop around. So basically I just visited two shops there, 'Times', a categorized bookstore, and 'Toys R us', a premium toy shop. That toy shop is a bit pricey cause of the import taxes, so it's not recommend to buy things you can find in other places... both of us ended up buy coins for Gachapon! (Capsule balls with collection)

Here's my loots for today ~ :

well, it's today's 1st McDonald in Kuching... since two and half month!
 Gacha-gacha^^, getting your favorite capsule collection is always fun ~
 Oops, it's a Vietnam S/SY8-21 manual Shotgun!
 Well, Times book store has a creative hand carry design, I like it.
 Guess what we have here, it's a Manga drawing guidebook!
 I'm also buying this book as my collection apart of learning from it.
There's some chibi artworks too ~

Oh well, that's all for today, getting ready for my assignments for next few weeks, two 1000 words essays along with an innovation report...OmG!!

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