November 2, 2010

My Pet Society

Hi readers, today I would like to introduce my Pet Society's one & only pet,
her name is... SonicaPLUS!
This is her latest looks and her creative room decoration. 
She is my dearest pet ever ~

Pet Society is an official Facebook game developed by Playfish, a Pet-Sim game which you can create your own pet & give him/her a new life, buying furnitures, new clothes, plant fruit trees and flowers, cooking, washing, sporting, fishing & even more ~

What makes this game most interesting is the weekly item releases. Either according to the seasons, festivals, or even special events (Anniversary, Birthday), and every single item release will never make you disappointing. The game features is very promising, all you need to start playing is having a Facebook account, and the latest Flash Player updates!

The latest features this year including weekly treasure hunts, limited one-day-only gold/cash items, item basket (which you can check-lists your neighbor's home where the items get from), weekly free gifts, and even fan-page or subscriber only Limited items!!

Well, basically I like the game very much more than the actual Sim series, and any other games. In the end, I highly recommend that you must play this game, aside playing war & fighting game. Pet Society is a healthy game for everyone once and for all!!


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