July 27, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 - Devil Trigger

Hah, talking about Devil Trigger in DMC 4... somewhat it's really already for "NOTHING" to erase anything in front of you... maybe that's the power.

As everybody refers to the story, during mission 6, Nero fought Agnus, the one from the order. After the fight, Agnus attempt to take Nero down at that moment by the Angelos'. However, the nearly dead Nero suddenly arise the power of Yamato (a broken katana that going to be fixed), the sword responds to Nero's calls, power are binded together!

Devil Avatar, the so-called Nero's devil form, may performs various incredible attacks. With D.A. activated, Nero's normal buster is far more stronger than before. During Devil Trigger, Nero's every attacks responds to the devil, they perform various moves together until trigger gauge depleted. With Devil Avatar activated, it can perform two ultimate skills too, they are the Maximum bet, a massive X-waves is released to push enemies down; The other one, Showdown, another ultimate skills, which performs a samurai-style hack n' slash moves, deals critical damage.

For Dante, his D.T. grants him more strength, defense & speed as he did in DMC 3. With different weapons used during D.T. may usually automatically performs a stronger attack than normal (a Rebellion's stinger may strike through enemies, Ebony & Ivory will performs infinite charge shot, etc.). Dante's D.T. also push his styles go to its maximum (trickster can triple-jump and double skystar, Royalguard's Dreadnought are slightly more powerful than human-transform). His devil form looks cool too than the other 3 DMC games, another smart devil form!

Okay, I think that's all for this time, I'll provide some pictures for this post later for better details. Pleased to look forward for my next post for DMC 4.

"It's destined that my power have reborn to take down our father again... brother."
"Yeah, that power of yours really pissed me out of my world!"

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