September 25, 2011

Artist, Keith Haring

Image from Keith Haring Foundation
Keith Haring (1958 - 1990) an interesting late artist of the twentieth century, very active and committed on drawings, drawn on bold lines, and active figures which carries poignant message on vitality and unity.

I was told by my lecturers of imaging for narrative and storyboards to look up his works for reference. The purpose for doing this is to get a clear idea of my current assignment, a set of four postcards. I learned about Haring only by now, all thanks to my lecturers Sharil and Kristian for pointing out, based on my very first attempt of an not-so-perspective brief sketching. The idea basically from a game I owned quite a while, Overlord, and the setting for my postcards will be like, the leaders of humans and evil beings, the footmen and the underlings. The name Keith Haring came out by them based on how I sketched.

Here are some of his artworks.

Image from Keith Haring Foundation
Image from Keith Haring Foundation
Icons 4, 1990, Image from Keith Haring Foundation

Image from Keith Haring Foundation

In some sort of unexplained form, I admire his life and artworks for now. 'For the record' I would like to do this post more formally, since I have never been able to be that consistent for a long period, let's say, my longest one month consistency. I am certainly trying my very best, even though I feel like I'm lack the potential of learning from the world artists and designers, I mean, and I wonder now, that western people certainly have better memories of remember what they seen, what they studied, the really good name pronunciation and the existence itself. I am certainly out of control, that I want to be getting even more progressive, even more...

That's it! The room is feeling comfortable at the same time some heat inside my body, so grabbed a Coke from vending machine. Will make an Nendoroid review and post for event SAMS Maid Cafe, I enjoyed that day very much.

visit The Keith Haring Foundation

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