March 31, 2011

Upcoming Nendoroids - up to April 2011

Miku Ranger 1
Color Sentai Miku Rangers!

Just doing some quick upcoming Nendoroids review.
Some extremely lovely new faces are here...!!

(Images ALL credited to Animaster 'Nendonesia' & nekomagic)

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Cheering(Support Japan!) version ~ !

Nendoroid Yagyu Jubei: Opening version
Nendoroid Yagyu Jubei

Nendoroid Petit Tio Plato
Nendoroid Tio Plato and Elie MacDowell
Nendoroid Petit Tio Plato & Elie Macdowell

Nendoroid Strength (STR)
Nendoroid Black Rock Strength~

Atelier Meruru - Drama CD
Nendoroid Plus Meruru
Nendoroid Petit Atelier Meruru
Nendoroid Aldora
Nendoroid Risty 2P color ver.
Nendoroid Airi
Nendoroid Cirno

Nendoroid Petit Nessa & Phryne

Nendoroid Atelier Totori
Nendoroid Riela Marceris
Nendoroid Sherlock Shellingford (standard release)
Nendoroid Petit CordeliaNendoroid Petit Elly and Cordelia
Nendoroid Petit Elly & Cordelia

March 2011 - Scan 1
March 2011 - Scan 2
Last but not least, here's some recently confirmed new releases!

You may notice I didn't include some confirmed/WIP from WonFes Dec 2010
Meh, just try to check out that event photos,
you are WANTED to check out all other Extremely Adorable figure faces >.<"

Hope you enjoy my quick upcoming Nendoroids review ~
Miku Ranger 2
Color Rangers! Miku-Miku fight on!
- Zenalucard

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