December 30, 2010

Kirameki Maid Cafe

Having some free time with friends today, visiting our very local Maid Cafe ~

"Okaerinasai, goshujin-sama ~ xD"

It is located in Star City, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and apparently they're the 1st ever Akiba-style maid cafe here! Here are some delicious (and good looking!) food & drinks.

 Moe Moe Omu Rice
Japanese Omelette Rice with hand-drawn ketchup drawing by the maid!

Maid-chan (didn't ask her name LOL) draw it for me in return ^^
No good idea at 1st, till recently watched Anime
 'Higashi no Eden' (Eden of the East)
It's a great anime for me :D
 That maid-chan said it's her favorite anime too xD

*NOTE: her name is Irtea, thanks to my friend ~

 Mikakuru Milkshake 
a.k.a. Yummy Yummy Milkshake xDD
comes in Vanila, Strawberry or Chocolate

popular Anime adaption magazine "Frontier"
in Chinese/Mandarin... I can read!

Apparently they had their figure shop "Hobby Densetsu" just right beside them, so far still locked for not known reasons, yet it displayed great range of collections! (pillow cover, posters, limited CG books, dakimakura, Nendoroids, figures and moreeeee)

Interested? you may visit their blog, or just simply 'like' them on Facebook.

So, New Year Eve? Yes, enjoy yourself my readers!!
(doing some resolution, how about yours :D)

- Zenalucard

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