December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011 ~ !!!!!

The year of 2010 has come to an end... every single things today are signalling the beginning of year 2011. Today is plain simple, it's a rainy day too, went out with dear mum to dental for some wash + fix (my teeth still as wicked as that guy above!! LOL). Lately went for some shopping, 2 hours to home, it's a rainy day after all, ended up having a niicceeee sleep for 5 hours ~

are you home alone today? If yes, this is definitely yours for killing time :D


So, talk about resolution, here are mine, not going to shorten it, so prepare your 3D glasses :D (three dimensional reading LOL):-

1st - definitely goes to my route to design, getting start learning new designer programs, and definitely going to learn some web design + 3D modelling, vote my works by send me any '1 buck' yeahhhhh, joke :) a dream to become a mighty designer!

2nd - my 1st OC (original character) demanded!!!! Still spawning ideas around my sick brain yeah ~ so far my ideal female OC (anime) will be a pretty girl, Yellow long hair with single tail/pony tails, bright blue eyes, mid-bust, high-schooler aged to 20, and of course she will be a slim girl :D. I have my idea on a Gundam too, not that detailed yet, at least it will be a samurai-based transformable mecha xD.

3rd - Starcraft 2 will be my mainstream e-sports (thumbs up if you're Starcraft 2 faggots!), so far I'm transitioning myself into playing more original games (especially games from Steam Powered), of course online games + pirate games, too bad this is still Malaysia, fully original games still not demanded by most ~
Oops, almost left out Pet Society, nooooooo I need that amazing game with me forever ~

4th - Anime & Figures, GOD I need to work hard for my own income ASAP, Japan's Akiba stuff are seriously became part of my life (% rate? I give 4/10), I want them so badly :( as my life will be with them for a long period, it's life, bro, FOREVERALONE.jpg my wicked friends HAHA. Never stop watching Animes, especially the great ones (Eden of the East, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Summer Wars etc) Recently close friends told me to get a pro camera, I did decided to do so but not so fast, as for my photobooth I will stick with my current digital camera...


so far these are the most I wanted to archive asap.
today definitely the day peoples going for countdown... so, here you go:

~*~HAPPY (wicked) NEW YEAR 2011 ~*~
yes, I said it!!!

that's almost for this post, below are some interesting shares for you all, enjoy the day :)

PEDORO !!! All hail Gintama, coming back in April 2011 !!!

New desktop update filled with daring Moe-chan tachi ~ xD

 Actually I had them for few months, just haven't show them to you yet :D

Winter 2010 Anime lists, you may make yours HERE

Do you know, you CAN eat them!
It's just what "Look-so-good-not-to-eat" yeah

This one still WINs me HAHAHAHA


~End of story~
sorry for the amazing long post :D


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