July 4, 2011

Rework Moe Lovers

Hello everyone, it's been a long while since I last post something good here. I'm backed off blogging long enough simply because I'm busy on my design studies on University. So far, I'm able to post something here, which means I'm able to take some rest after a joyful semester with friends and new lecturers.

One of my most beautiful figure I ever get.

I'm now enjoyed collecting even more Anime figures than last year. I'm keeping my track on latest beautiful and interesting figures release, I hope I can keep some updates for you soon by doing what I've done here (beta) but without slides simply because it's time consuming. I will also update my latest collection and take some interesting photos from my figures to showcase for you when the time comes. You may visit my flickr too, even though I'm not usually update there simply because I'm using that only for tracking Dollfie Dreams which I'll tell you next.

Beautiful Dollfie Hakurei make-up by Reyoko.
Dollfie Dreams
"browse figure.fm, search for posts, Dollfies spotted... GOSH look at that Adorable Dollfie done by X owner, I'm now in love!" - me, I and myself. Are you on same ship as me too? ^^
To be honest, the most enjoyable things I ever get contact with will be these super adorable Dollfie Dreams and their respective owners. I rather call myself a Dollfie Stalker simply because I love Dollfies so, so much that I cannot emphasize myself at any cost. Here's three things I will do from now on:
  • Favorite those lovely Dollfie photos
  • Make an useful Dollfies page links
I will still post some Dollfie of the Day but not as frequently as before, because sometimes these sorts of things getting more repetitive. Instead, I'll keep those adorable Dollfies on one page I'll work more on it later, and adding the Dollfie Dreams flickriver.

My up and coming mascot, Asami Hanakawa.
Personal Artworks
Vectors... I'm absolutely in love with vector arts. Vectoring was such a fun way to get your digital works done in high resolution, from tracing into self creation, and don't forget the absolute alliance of open source vector, InkScape. What's more? I love drawing Animes by my own hand. I prefer drawing on both pencils and tablets, but I'm not really own a tablet yet, I'll make sure to get one sometime in the future. I'm now doing some posters based on what I've learnt from my course. For the meantime, hope you take some time and pay a visit for my DeviantArt.

The siege massacre. Taken from teamliquid.net
Who else hates gaming? Here I'm telling you two of my all-time favorite games, Starcraft II and Pet Society. "Hey Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty man" who cares the trilogy, the best magic trick ever done ONLY on E-sports than everything else. Keeping on track with sports was not a past time for me, but now greatly sucked into E-sports very much thanks to teamliquid.net and fellow outstanding Youtube shoutcasters (I will make a page for the links later!) 

The Harry-porter alike Wizard School week, cool stuff!
Again, must you not like Pet Society? I know most current players certainly hate those blue numbers appearing on wide range of intelligently designed boutique items, and you ended up activating cheat codes, and spam with no mercy, so you're ended up with boredom. I admit I did some cheat stuff before, I'm certainly hate cheating at the same time, as I'm now a people who study design, why don't we just admire those fellow female designers, yes, the female designers for Pet Society, for designing such a beautiful and adorable game for us. Stuff are getting more beautiful thanks to their improving way for rendering flash and vector images. I think the only "no thanks" remains to those blue coins...? If you want a solution, personal opinion will be think once, twice and even more, whether you really need that beautiful set of items. This is what I used to do when I'm buying figures too~ as usual, I'll make a page showing my days on Pet Society.

That's all, you will see constant changes on my blog the following days. Hope you enjoy my read, and I'll post up more interesting stuff for you soon~

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