January 12, 2011

Days of 'Epic-some'

whose my mind should I give to? hmm... ...

Sorry my readers, been pretty busy past few days, went back room just slam myself on bed Lol.
Well don't worry, having piles of updates to share with you guys soon, on the way getting rid my summer class works... stressed T.T


For the new year of 2011, I have quite a number of loots; books, figures, wall scrolls etc. polishing my wallet soon, Lol.

It's finally colored, don't think it's too bad :)

Got the Gundam Markers for SD Sangokuden series in fair n' cheap price, as I'm decided to color my collection of Gundams, turned out to be good actually, only the black lining still super messy, not get used to that pen at all ~ maybe decided to make some profit with them, getting myself up into adept xD


 ... It's all about Moe power, Rawr ~ !

 Kotori, I choose you! O_o

Here's my new & fresh 'eye medicine', a great friend of mine recently found this dealer in LYN, who offers promising image printing (comes with fabric streamer/glossy poster), going to wrap up my room wall with these pretty moe-chan tachi xD ~ 

A lot thanks to .:: SpherePixelsMarketing ::., and of course, a huge hi-five to YongJK who offer me this opportunity & help taking photos. Only can pick them up right after this month, have my friend keeping it... guess I have to save up tons of vitamins until CNY Lol.


Yesterday had this Artwork of mine summited to pixiv.net, suggested by someone in DeviantArt. Hope you like it, be sure to vote me out at pixiv.net too :D

I know I haven't done any vectors for a period, just making some awesome wallpapers to decorate my desktop (and for everyone ^^) I have already starting a new one, hope can finish it asap... vectoring is just lovely :D

Do get some time to check out my gallery too:- zenalucard.deviantart.com


hey, it's just simply awesome ~
more on spadow.wordpress.com


Last but not least, here's my simple blog schedule, so you'll know what's up when visiting my blog :D

So far those 3 on list will be fixed time, do read what you want to (or just read through all of it :D)
you may suggest too what else you would like to see in my blog :)

Oops, hope you like my blog's new template, as usual, piled up with my favorite moe-moe xDD ~


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