December 25, 2010

Pet Society: Revamp of year 2010

Today is pretty special, here I will showcase my dearest pet's rooms of year 2010, before everything going to revamp for year 2011. Feel free to leave comments too :)

PART 1: standard rooms (room 1 to 10)
 Matsuri festive Garden (Japan)
 Santa Gift wrapping machine room
Winter Modern Holiday Room (w/ Xmas decoration)
 Wonderful Snowy Starry night scene (my favorite!!)
Petlings' room
Modern Holiday Bathroom (w/ Xmas trees)
Luxurious Dressing room (my pet's dearest room ~ )
Aquarium room of the sea
Xmas Toy Shop
Lantern/Mid-autumn Festival (Chinese)

PART 2: Gardens 
 Fall Garden
Halloween Garden

PART 3: Extra rooms (room 1 to 9)
Wonderful Animals' forest
Arabian marketplace 
Holiday Summer room
Halloween Living room 1
Halloween Living room 2
Halloween Living room 3
 French Regal Living room
 Steampunk room (best suggested theme!)
Arabian Royals' room

PART 4: Exclusive rooms (marked with '?')
 Beanstalk's heaven > Hard Metal Rock heaven !!!
Playhouse collections
 Sea Cave (WWF Exclusive)
Summer Garden
 Elegant Wardrobes
Extra Clothing Wardrobes
Halloween Elegant Restroom 
Autumn Friendship Garden
Inside the Igloo...

Lastly, going to say goodbye to these rooms in the end of year 2010. This year Pet Society proved to be greater in art designs, if you ever noticed, most of this year's items are rendered with shader (and more animations!), also introduced alot of better game mechanics into it, having players have alot more things to do (item hunts! Like fishing, Mystery boxes, Toy Machines, Trading gifts & collectibles click, digging sites... and many more!). 

Again, feel free to leave any comments for the rooms, I'm feeling like to 'spawn' more ideas of room designs :D

Enjoyed this year of Pet Society, if you're yet to play, it's time to start yours right now!!

Okay, X'mas time, ready to have some more happy hours with my friends and games ~ stay tuned :D


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