December 10, 2010

Kotori-chan Love ExP wallpapers finished!!

There you go! Kotori-chan exclusive wallpapers!
Kotori-chan, ready to spread her love... get her now!

Just finished faster than expected (6 hours approx.), only if the WiFi connection almost drive me mad :( failed to upload several times!

Alright, this will be my most  precious wallpapers ever I made so far ~ as Kotori-chan look too lovely in this exclusive series! For your info, Circus recently released this 10th year Anniversary special, "Kotori Love ExP", obviously, usual visual novel games you have to "spread" your love with several female leads, instead of this one, 100% focused only on Kotori-chan! What make this series the most special would be the full recollection of Kotori-chan's stories and situations in most past series of Da Capo, and of course, a whole new "+Plus" situations happened only this series!!

So far, if you're already check those Da Capo Banners, the upcoming series will be the super special Dream X.mas featuring the gathering of both Da Capo & Da Capo II charas, (yes, it's time travelling!) having Christmas celebration together ~

Okay, thats all for this time, do let me know what do you think of my wallpapers design, and hope you guys having the most memorable Christmas season :D 

------ 15 more days till Christmas!

- Zenalucard

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