May 13, 2008

Devil May Cry 3: Vergil

Vergil, one of the son of Sparda, Dante's twins.

Avalaible Style: Dark Slayer

Primary Weapon : Yamato
Devil Arms : ForceEdge, Beowulf
Guns : Spiral Swords (Summoned Swords)
Unlockable Devil Trigger : Nelo Angelo
Total Costume (ALL): 5

Yamato > Rapid Slash, Upper Slash, Aerial Rave, Judgement Cut
ForceEdge > Stinger, High Time, Helm Breaker, Round Trip,
Beowulf > Rising Sun, Lunar Phase, Starfall

Nelo Angelo:-
Yamato (BlueFlame Broadsword) > High Time, Hellfire, Charging Slash
Beowulf (Ironfist) > Flame Kick, Beast Uppercut, Hellfire, Starfall

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